In Search of…

…an Apron. Sounds easy, don’t it? Well…

Is it really too much to ask to find a decent looking apron these days?  I did a search on and came up with a few that struck at my fancy, but a few of them were down-right obscene!

Do the people who buy those things actually COOK? Or is that some man’s idea of putting an idea into his wife’s hardworking head? I won’t dignify that with pictures, you can search them out yourself if you are so inclined.  But please do me a favor, if you purchase one, DON’T tell me and for God’s sake, don’t SHOW ME!

Now I’m off to see if I can find a good easy recipe for brain bleach. Those images really need to be erased from my mind! LOL

Y’all have a good one! I’ll be posting some more recipes later if my migraine lets go. 😀


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