I just baked bread!

I am always ready to call myself a great cook because I know it to be true and have had enough experience and comments from others to back me up, so I’m confident labeling myself that way.  However, I would NEVER even joke about calling myself a baker–even a novice baker.  Baking is not my THANG.

As a Southerner, it pains me to admit that I use Bisquick for my biscuits and have been known to resort to frozen biscuits and rolls and sometimes even the “whop ’em” variety.  I think it is my killer tater salad and my fantastic mac N cheese that keeps the Southern Cook Society from revoking my membership entirely.

I noticed this little recipe on Pinterest today

(http://penniesandpancakes.blogspot.com/2012/09/grandmas-country-white-bread.html  )

and decided since I had all the ingredients in the house, I’d give it a try and am I ever so glad I did!! 😀  I followed the directions almost exactly (I cut the recipe in half to make just 1 loaf instead of 2) and used her tutorial description to make sure I was doing it the way  I was supposed to do it.

The bread came out of my oven in exactly 25 minutes just like the recipe says and it was oh so good!! Crusty on the top and light and fluffy in the middle.  I will definitely be baking more bread–especially this recipe.

I will try to post some pix of mine as soon as the kid unit gets home from school so she can take them for me, but in the meantime, just take my word for it..this bread is GOOD! And easy enough that even I couldn’t screw it up! 😀

Until I make something else new….